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Sqirl Coffee - Guatemala Villatoro

Sqirl Coffee - Guatemala Villatoro

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Now in 100% compostable packaging - even the air valve, the ink and
the label sticker are all compostable - is the new Sgirl X True Love
coffee collaboration featuring washed Guatemalan beans from
Arturo & Vielmann Villatoro's family farm in the highlands of
Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

The Villatoro's lots cascade along a sheer ridgeline where mature
Chalum, Mandarin and Capulin trees grow sideways to provide shade
for Bourbon, Caturra and Maragogype plants below, where pure
mountain spring water runs and is used for the beans' processing.
Roasted by our partner, Lee Lizotte, at True Love, this beautifully
brewed coffee is giving us creamy notes of dulce de leche, Kishu
mandarin, and Kadota fig.

And- in addition to our 100% compostable coffee bags - we also use
compostable (made of corn) granola bags for puffed and oat 'Nolas.
As we continue to develop our packaged products it remains top of
mind the importance of both ingredients and their home.


Producer: Villatoro Family
Region: Huehuetenango, Hoja Blanca, Cuilco
Altitude: 1400 masl
Variety: Caturra & Catuai & Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed