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Sqirl Coffee - Peru- Marisol Neira Condezo

Sqirl Coffee - Peru- Marisol Neira Condezo

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Sqirl Coffee - 12oz Freshly Roasted. 

A little bit about what we are doing with Sqirl Coffee which is in collaboration with the esteemed Andrew Barnett from Linea Caffe.  

First off - We are buying beans directly from - Aleco Chigounos - a dear friend who’s company, Red Fox Coffee Merchants - “is devoted to building equitable and resilient supply chains that give coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace.”
Sqirl’s goal is to work with Aleco to directly purchase small lots of coffee from farmers who are invested in their land and from specific plots on their farms that provide a unique take of terroir.  
With this viewpoint, we are able, mostly, to purchase the entire lot of beans from the location — making the coffee exclusive to Sqirl.  Other times, the coffee comes from a group of farmers - (a co-op from a village for example) and even though there are more beans than we need, we’ll purchase them anyway knowing that maybe one or two other roasters may have the coffee…because it’s just too good to pass up.

In regards to this coffee - it's from the producer Marisol Neira Condezo who's located in San Ignacio  - arguably the most famous producing region in all of Peru, boasting the highest production and stable trade, as well as a terrain less arduous to navigate than much of the south of Peru. From their best coffees we see a powerful, high-character tartaric acidity like white or green grapes.

Most of these members are smallholders, manually depulping their cherry by hand and fermenting for an average of 18-24 hours and drying on raised beds made of wood and mesh lining. San Ignacio is heavily forested and supplies shade to coffee trees, encouraging not only healthier soil but greater potential for complexity in the cherry. The coop stores parchment in GrainPro immediately after drying, preserving the incredible potential of their coffees against the elements.

*photo does not correct label - it's red*