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Spiced Warren Pear & Quince Butter

Spiced Warren Pear & Quince Butter

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Bright, buttery, festive.
About the Fruit
The Warren pear tree was named for Thomas O. Warren, a founding father of the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX), who discovered this gem in Mississippi, in 1976. The Warren pears are sweet, spicy and very juicy, buttery, silky flesh with no grit. 
Even with praise from Alice Waters and Martha Stewart this pear is rarely grown and the only folks we've been able to get this pear from is Frog Hollow.  
We got Farmer Al to send down a shipping container this year of both the rare Warren Pear and his entire Quince crop.  Folding in our seasonal spice blend, the pinkish-hued Pear and Quince Butter and deliciously fall.  Perfect with a cheese plate, or potato pancakes (latkes!), this 2021 addition to our canning roster is here to stay.
Warren pears*, cane sugar*, quince, lemon juice*, fall spices
*certified organic