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Seville Marmalade

Seville Marmalade

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Every year a British man named John Mattingly calls me to say that his Sevilles are ready to be picked.  He has THE ONLY Sevilles in Southern California.

We drove to John's House, as we've done for the last 6 years - and John greets us in, what appears to be, the same pair of sweatpants / plaid shirt tucked into them combo that we've seen in years past.  John also sports a handlebar mustache thick enough to be a contender at the World Beard and Mustache Championships.  We all go over to the tree, and using the pickers and baskets, we muscle the 100 pounds or so off the tree by throwing them into the pool (where they wash) followed by a removal by pool skimming.  It's a process just to get them to Sqirl so imagine what the 2 day process is for making the jam....!

We don't have much.  If you're into traditional marmalades, here's an excellent example of one.