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Pudwill Berries

Royal Lee Jam by JAM Store

Royal Lee Jam by JAM Store

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Rich, Jammy, Indulgent

About the Fruit
Royal Lee is a cherry that you won’t find at the farmer’s market... because they’ve all been sent to Japan! Since there are no samples at the moment, it’s hard to sell this uniquely bright cherry. But because of its tartness, this variety is a jam makers dream.

And so, in additon to our seasonal GG1 offering, we teamed up with friend of Sqirl, Sam Jayne (JAM Store), and Royal Lee’s made their way into a very freaky collaborative jam– using coconut aminos to balance out the natural acidity of the fruit.

Murray’s not only has the largest variety of fruit at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, but they grow very specific fruits throughout the year—Steve, their son, is a huge fruit nerd, so he’s always traveling and finding new varietals of produce that are hard to come by, such as boysenberries and olallieberries. 

*Royal Lee cherries, *cane sugar, *lemon juice *coconut aminos
*certified organic