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Rare Concord Grape full fruit Jam

Rare Concord Grape full fruit Jam

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Sqirl welcomes its first ever limited edition Concord Grape Jam made from 100 lbs of organic Concord grapes from Flora Bella Farm. Can you believe that 100 lbs of grapes will yield only 96 jars of jam? Dawn Birch says this is their most flavorful crop yet and she’s right.  They’re bursting with iconic grape flavor!  We first hand-deskin; we then slightly warm the fruit and press through a sieve to remove the seeds, only to be married back with the skins and sugar and then cooked down to create a thick jelly-like consistency that is whole fruit.  This is not the juice with 100% sugar by weight plus pectin jelly you find at the store. We really can't get over it!!!