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Creamed Hapa Honey Spun with Lacto-Fermented Sorrento Lemon

Creamed Hapa Honey Spun with Lacto-Fermented Sorrento Lemon

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About the Product 
We’ve teamed up with Hapa Honey again! Our favorite family of SoCal beekeepers and Sqirl have created a special new product - wildflower creamed honey whipped with lacto-fermented Sorrento Lemons.

Sorrento Lemons are some of the first citrus Bill and Linda from Rancho Del Sol planted in the 90's, a favorite variety of Linda's due to her affinity for Limoncello.  We ferment them like we do our Meyer lemons and then we process the rinds, saving the interior for dressing, and then the rinds are whipped into an ultra-blonde creamed honey.  
It's become the star on a recent charcuterie platter, dolloped its way into warm Kettl Buckwheat Tea, finished a pork chop, yes, topped a crunchy piece of baguette (and a version with brie and hazelnuts) and so much more.  
Directly supporting Southern California agriculture, this probiotic rich whipped honey is an exceptional example of how brilliant ingredients can find another form with a light touch.

100% pure, Raw, Small Batch Creamed California Wildflower Honey, Lacto Fermented Sorrento Lemon Rinds (Sorrento Lemons*, Italian Sea Salt)

*certified organic