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Puffed Turmeric Millet Granola

Puffed Turmeric Millet Granola

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Puffed Millet Granola with dehydrated fruit mixed in.  It's gluten free, vegan, and has an extraordinary texture and crave-able, why can't I put this down quality.  Other than with your yogurt/milk - I love it on Ice Cream. 

Eat within a week or two or receiving.  Shouldn't be a problem....!

Ingredients: Organic Puffed Millet, Sunflower seeds, white sesame, flax seed, coconut sugar, EVOO, Maple Syrup, salt, dehydrated market fruit and turmeric.


*Note - the Millet Jack sticker currently shows almonds and butter in the ingredients - but there are no almonds and butter in this.  New sticker coming soon.