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2022 Jam Capsule ①: Stone Fruit, Cherry and Berries

2022 Jam Capsule ①: Stone Fruit, Cherry and Berries

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Summer– just when we finish canning one variety a new variety enters our kitchen. To most, it seems like berries or peaches or nectarines or cherries all come in at the same time.  (And, like this year...sometimes they do!!) Yet, the reality is that each week of the summer means a new fleeting variety that’s around for two weeks before it’s gone again until next year.

What we realized is that the resulting preserves can tell a story - an appreciation for a moment in time. This year, we have a capsule containing some fruit from absolutely special and spectacular harvests.

Jam Capsule ①:
May 30th, 2022 - June 13th, 2022

Masumoto Rose Diamond Nectarine

About the Fruit 
Rose Diamonds are early maturing, deliciously sweet yellow-fleshed nectarines that originated in Bradford, CA in the early 90’s. 

Masumoto Rose Diamond Nectarine + Andy's Orchard Bing Cherry


The Platonic ideal of nectarines and cherries coming together right at their peaks from two of the best farms in California. A seasonal unicorn. Enjoy knowing there's so many beautiful heart beats that brought this preserve into this world. This could only be the start to a wonderful day.

Murray's Family Farm Boysenberry 

About the Fruit
Nothing is as Southern Californian as the Boysenberry.  Walter Knott (of Knott's Berry Farm) planted boysenberry vines in the early 1930s and he came to discover that the grew voraciously on his land. This berry has become the iconic berry of the area, and surprisingly, is only found for 3 weeks out of the year.

Murray's Family Farm Olallieberry

About the Fruit

Olallieberries (“Ollalie” being a Native American word meaning “berry”), first developed at Oregon State University in 1949, are a cross between a Loganberry (a raspberry-blackberry cross from California) and a Youngberry (a blackberry variety from Louisiana). Although first developed in Oregon, these Olalliberries now thrive along the California coast, though not many farms cultivate these rare and highly perishable berries.