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Jam Capsule ③: Stone Fruits & Plums

Jam Capsule ③: Stone Fruits & Plums

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During these warm Southern CA months it may seem like berries, peaches, nectarines and cherries all arrive at once. The reality is that each week of summer means a new fleeting variety that’s around for two weeks before it’s gone for the year!

In this sense, preserves can tell a story. Our new Jam Capsules aim to capture these brief, fleeting moments in time in four distinct seasonal flavors per capsule.

Jam Capsule ③:
July 12, 2021–July 26, 2021

Andy's R③ Nectarine:

Rapunzel, Red & Rose Diamond Nectarine coexisting in all its silky glory

Windrose Santa Rosa Plum:

The Rare Plum from Luther Burbank becoming more extinct by the years as favors plant new plums in favor of shelf-life.  The flavor is unreal and it's a very hard jam to make (Clingstone, high h20 content, etc), yet it makes the most delicious, candied jam.  This year only one farm had quantity to provide to us - thankfully - albeit in limited supply.  

Masumoto Flavor Crest Peach:  

We wait all year for this peach which oozes in Peachiness.

Masumoto Late Harvest Nectarine:  

"Late Harvest" is a process akin to late harvest wine grapes where some of the fruit is left on the trees after the normal harvest period and then those very small pieces of fruit are given an extra week or two to grow and take the last of the tree's energy for the year toward ripening.  This provides a different expression of the fruit - richer, sweeter, earthier yet with the tanginess of a great nectarine.