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Jam Capsule Duo: Masumoto Flavorcrest & Sun Crest Peach

Jam Capsule Duo: Masumoto Flavorcrest & Sun Crest Peach

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The best gift of this year’s early to mid summer arrived as 2000 pounds of stone fruit from Masumoto. What’s so exciting about their stone fruit is that the different varietals ripen at different times of the year. First we received Flavorcrests–an early ripening, quintessential California peach–on June 28th. Only July 20th, we received beautifully ripened Sun Crests, iconic for their involvement in David Masumoto’s gorgeous publication Epitaph for a Peach

Flavorcrests are large and round with firm yellow fruit, rich in flavor, surrounded by bright red skin, while Sun Crests–known for their drip-down-your-chin juiciness–are citrusy sweet with an orange-red skin. We’ve paired them together in a Jam Capsule two-pack so folks can taste the different profiles of these heirloom peaches that resonate pure summer.