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Pudwill Berries

Hanukkah Cookie Box

Hanukkah Cookie Box

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These cookies from our pastry wizards (Coty, Violet, Christina) commemorate those nearest to the hearts of our Sqirl team members celebrating Hanukkah (Jessica, Rachel, Michelle!).

In this cookie box you will receive 8 cookies:  

  • (2) 24K Gold Leaf Black and White Coconut Macaroon 
  • (2) Buddha's Hands Short Bread Stars of David
  • (2) Gravenstein Apple Butter Spiced Linzer Cookie 
  • (2) Cacao Noccioli (Marco Colzani!) Rugelach (Hand Laminated!)


  • Wooden Dreidel
  • Hanukkah Gelt


For Pick up from November 28th - December 6th.  If picking up, please give us 24 hours notice and leave us a note as to when you'd like to come by.  

From all of us, thank you, and have a wonderful Hanukkah. <3