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GG1 Cherry Jam

GG1 Cherry Jam

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Bold, rich, zingy.

About the Fruit

The GG1 cherries are wildly famous among Cherry Fanatics. They are HUGE, dark, and unbelievably delicious. To make a jam with all cherry fruit is rare and uniquely challenging...but here it is. A pure bite of summer.


GG1's may have a silly name because...well, they don't really have a name! You won't find these mega cherries anywhere else because they are from a cherry breeding farm. They come from Row G, Lane G, Tree 1. It's breeding designation was 441B18, but GG1 sounds so much better.

The GG1 was originally brought to Murray Family Farms to serve as a "Prolific Pollinator" meaning trees pollinated by the GG1 have a Supercharged production. It was a surprise when the cherries happened to be one of the most popular cherries they grow!   

Special Features

**Surprise epic label**


GG1 cherries, *cane sugar, *lemon juice

*certified organic