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Elephant Heart Plum

Elephant Heart Plum

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Sweet, viscous, velvety. 

About the Fruit
Heart-shaped and hefty, these luscious “blood plums” have deep burgundy and purple skins with ruby fruit dripping with sugary juice. The Elephant Heart Plum is a freestone plums and a large Japanese cultivar, also known as the “King of Japanese Plums,” with a short self-life when ripe, so should be consumed within a few days of purchase.   

Usually we get our Elephant Hearts from Betty and Truman Kennedy at Kennedy Farms—we have to call them and talk to their answering machine to make an order (there’s no other way around it!)—but this year we procured a beautiful supply from Andy’s Orchard in the Santa Clara Valley—which has one of the largest collections of stone fruit varieties on the west coast. 

In memory of Corneleson, a beloved farmer who used to put his Elephant Hearts aside for us. RIP. 

*Elephant Heart plums, *cane sugar, *Sorrento lemon juice

*certified organic