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Jam Capsule ④: Apples & Stone Fruits

Jam Capsule ④: Apples & Stone Fruits

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Capsule ④ is the most special of all the capsules—a moment in time as we exit out of summer and head into cooler months. It includes two Slow Food Ark of Taste (endangered heritage) fruits: The Fay Elberta Peach from both Masumoto and Andy’s Orchard, and the iconic Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple from Walker Apples. Then we have the Reine Claude Greengages & Mirabelle Plums from Andy’s Orchard, two sweet-as-candy varieties nearly impossible to find, and we luckily got the first pick of the season! The quantity we received this year was very small, so we only have a limited number of cases—and the jam itself is exquisite. Fun fact: David Karp brought the true Greengage over from Europe and planted an orchard of its trees at Andy’s around six years ago. Before that time, this fruit was not to be found in America! Now Andy’s has the largest Reine Claude plot in the country.


Jam Capsule :
Aug 17, 2021 - Aug 230, 2021

Gravenstein Apple, Mirabelle Plum, Reine Claude Greengage Plum, Elberta Peach