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Sqirl Away: California X Sqirl Gift Bundle

Sqirl Away: California X Sqirl Gift Bundle

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A perfect California gift bundle for yourself + family, or a friend/relative who momentarily may not be as close to their West Coast home as they'd like, all packed with/in our recycled Sqirl tote.

**Depending on availability, we may replace items with other beautiful like items from CA! Items pictured are subject to change**

When creating Sqirl Away market, we had the opportunity to procure goodies from our favorite producers--many of whom are local, growing, making, and creating right here in California:

Pineapple Collective Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crafted in collaboration with Kathryn Tomajan using a blend of organic Koroneiki, Arbequina, and Arbosana olives grown by the Ricchiuti family at ENZO Olive Oil Company in the Central Valley. 16.9 oz--a big + beautiful tin that will live on your kitchen counter.

Koda Farms Organic Kokuho Rice
Kosher & non-GMO. This heirloom medium grain rice is grown by 3rd generation farmers and millers. We use it for all of our rice bowls and porridges!

Strong Arm Farm Kombu 
Heidi Herrmann hand harvests delicious edible seaweed on the Sonoma Coast. Kombu is the perfect base for dashi, broths, and soups. 

Far West Fungi Shiitake Mushroom Jerky 
They grow and turn to jerky their own mushrooms up in Santa Cruz. They're the best! A great hiking snack or pocket snack. 

Camino Red Wine Vinegar
Red wine vinegar from our friends Russell Moore and Allison Hopelain of the now closed yet beloved Oakland restaurant, Camino. 500 ml. 

Sqirl Almond Butter
Hand milled hazelnut and almond butter! The very same we use in the kitchen.

Sqirl Jam
A jar of the good stuff! Jam is after all...Sqirl's creation story.