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2022 Jam Capsule ②: Mulberry & Apricot

2022 Jam Capsule ②: Mulberry & Apricot

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Summer – just when we finish canning one variety a new variety enters our kitchen. To most, it seems like berries or peaches or nectarines or cherries all come in at the same time.  (And, like this year...sometimes they do!!) Yet, the reality is that each week of the summer means a new fleeting variety that’s around for two weeks before it’s gone again until next year.

What we realized is that the resulting preserves can tell a story - an appreciation for a moment in time. This year, we have a capsule containing some fruit from absolutely special and spectacular harvests.

Jam Capsule :
June 13th, 2022 - June 25th, 2022

Masumoto Golden Sweet Apricot with its Noyaux

About the Fruit
Perfectly named, this apricot is gorgeously golden in color with an over the top sweet apricot flavor. Precocious, setting full crops even in the 2nd year. Golden Sweet apricots are a great canning apricot as it carries a balanced tart-sweet finish. 

We marry this fruit with their Noyaux, hand cracking the Apricot kernels for their 'almonds,' which we first toast and then steep into the preserve as it cooks. 

Dry Farmed Blenheim Apricot

About the Fruit 

Today, Blenheim production is quickly decreasing by the thousands do to the uprooting of trees to make room for commercial development; additionally, due to their minuscule shelf life, major chain grocery stores more than often opt for the more shelf-stable varietals of apricots. 

We support this Slow Food Ark of Taste fruit because it's just too exceptional not to. Honeysuckle in scent, sweet and bright in flavor, when  Blenheim’s are off the tree, they start to disintegrate! So we gently gather these beautiful rosy-golden babes from either Mike Cirone at Canyon Ranch or Andy's Orchard and can as much as well can before they return to the grand Mother Earth!

Pakistan Mulberry 

About the Fruit
In years past we’ve only been able to secure Pakistan Mulberries from Mud Creek and Earthtrine up in Ojai - with a harvest date in March and April.  This year, we were lucky enough to pick up Pakistan Mulberries from around Southern California at all different times of years - some in March, some in May from our friends at Hollyflora - and now this round available, picked in June, from our friend Lori at Two Peas.  A banner year of Pakistan Mulberries and a banner year for this preserve!

Bettina Birch and her fabulous Persian Mulberries 

About the Fruit

We find Persian mulberries at the market for only a few weeks out of the year, sold by only two farmers for close to $20/pint! This jam is purely made for the love of preserving this glorious fruit.  It costs us more to make it than we sell it for.

Compound clusters of juice, these berries literally fall apart almost immediately off the vine, which make them very challenging to pick, especially in large quantities.